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Bicycle Protector Bag

A Better Bike Bag
Todd Willis, Technical Writer

Many of us in this sport have a problem. We have more bikes than room for them. Bikes are overflowing into every room of the house. Your mate declares, "move the bikes out of the house or you'll find them on the front lawn." You're stuck. The house belongs to your mate. Rome Bike Bags has a solution - their patented bike storage bag. The bag is designed for storing your best bikes outside with no damage from the weather.

The Rome Bike Bag is designed to accommodate all types of bikes, including road, mountain with bar ends, even beach cruisers with extra wide handlebars. I tested the bag with all of my bikes, including my version of the cruiser - the pizza bike. They all fit without any problems.

What is special about the Rome Bike Bag is the materials that it is made from. The fabric is durable, water resistant, 600 denier polycanvas. The interior is lined with specially coated PVC which resists moisture and condensation buildup. The bags are equipped with heavy-duty dual nylon zippers and a a pair of handles sewn into the top. The handles will support the weight of the bike if you wish to hang the bag.

The boating industry has really gone for the bag as space is a real premium here and the salt air is harsh.

Mountain Bike Action
April 1997

Rome Bike Bags is the maker of that fabulous bike carrying bag featured on page 61 of the December issue of Mountain Bike Action. You wanted more info so here it is: the Bicycle Protector Bag is made from water-resistant, 600-denier polycanvas and features dual heavy-duty nylon zippers. The bag will enclose any bicycle for short- or long-term storage or portage (it is designed for indoor or outdoor use). The exterior also has hooks to hang a stored bicycle.

Mountain Biker
June 1997

Need a good outdoor bag to cover your bike? Rome Bike Bags' Bicycle Protector Bag is super stout with water-resistant 600-denier construction, which fully encloses the bike for complete protection. The inside is lined with a special PVC coating which is resistant to moisture buildup. The bag is available in five different color combinations and two solids.

September 13-26, 1996
Bag Saves Bikes From Salt Air

Rome Bike Bags of Torrance Beach, California, has announced a new patented product designed to protect bikes from rust and corrosion. The Bicycle Protector Bag completely forms itself to the contours and completely encloses any bicycle. Designed for outdoor use, it is constructed of durable, water-resistant 600 denier polycanvas, with heavy-duty dual nylon zippers for easy opening and closing. The bag works well on boats for short and long-term storage by preventing bikes from corrosion and rust.

Motorcycle Protector Bag

December 1998

Hot Stuff

Bundle Up. It's that time of year for some bikers. If your bike is heading for cold storage consider the Motorcycle Protector Bag. It's made of durable, waterproof polycanvas with heavy duty zippers to completely enclose any motorcycle. The inside is coated with PVC to resist moisture buildup.

Thunder Press
October 1998
Harley Cover-Up

With winter just around the corner, maybe your motorcycle should be in the bag. The Motorcycle Protector Bag from Rome Bike Bags, that is. These bags are made of durable, waterproof 600-denier polycanvas with heavy-duty, dual nylon zippers and fully encloses any motorcycle for indoor/outdoor storage protection and traveling. The inside is lined with specially coated PVC, which resist moisture, condensation buildup and makes the bags waterproof. Have a custom chopper? They'll make you a custom sack for your scoot.

Hot Bike
February 1999
Bike Bags

The Motorcycle Bike Bag is made of durable, waterproof , 600 deiner polycanvas with heavy duty dual nylon zippers and fully encloses any motorcycle for indoor/outdoor storage protection and traveling. The inside is lined with specially-coated PVC, which resists moisture/condensation buildup and makes the bags waterproof. The inside bottom of the bags are slotted for motorcyclists who like to add a hard base inside the bag.

February 2000

The Motorcycle Protector Bag by Rome Bike Bags offers motorcyclists a lightweight, total enclosure for keeping dust and rust at bay. 600-denier polycanvas as coated and lined with PVC to create a waterproof, yet breathable material. Dual YKK zippers allow for easy opening and closing, and the custom floor has slots for plastic inserts. These panels can be removed, and the folded 18 by 18 by 10-inch bag can be stowed in the saddlebag or trunk for overnight trips. Also, four tie-down slots allow for towing your motorcycle on a trailer or truck.

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